by Grovner

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Value 03:09
Slipped up again and forgot my worth never figured out this hurt temptation belongs in just my eyes you always seem to look into mine I don't know where I belong entrapment for the very first time it's like I'm short a fuse not aware which one feeling like I've lost my value Never chose to shine a light the darkest portion that makes up your life the things that I choose to take just end up an ironic mistake I'm going to show you just what it takes for me to prove it takes all you've got to bring me up I'll fall I'll still fall
Ground 04:34
There comes a time and a place where you take the choices you made lay them all on the ground for me watch as you separate slow, breath calm slow, breath on now that you know I can Watch you throw it all down for me take a look at the ground, you'll see it's like it's been just before, nothing changes There comes some dark with this place but essentially comes with the taste of myself when I act this way Are you sorry you act this way? slowly as I breathe so calm clench your fist inside your palm and it never loosened up sorry for my bad luck Never nervous, never the one side track me from everyone if it's your business, what did I miss? How does this still exist? You'll see me It's like it's been just before nothing changes with me
Outbound 04:06
Safe beneath the rest of me I'm aloud to surround you don't bite your tongue I'm still in the basement it's un-proper placement when I'm all alone My head is spinning around the world I once had the soil will keep my roots end deeper than most trees I'm all the same
Hang 03:13
Your hands hold on to the same thing your place still sits in the dust your mind makes up of all your value Your face reminds me of a secret your eyes don't shine quite like they used to your mind makes up all of your value
Skin 03:42
Lay me on the side of the road don't ignore me tell me things that I want to know I'm a story taking walks all by myself I'm impatient tell me things that just won't help like I'm lament Pick apart my skin take me away as far as you'd like to lay I know you've been begging to let me go I'll go as far as I can roam Tear me up and swallow me whole I'm unsteady act like you're so anxious to go you're not ready take this walk and figure this out it's so like this argue this and fight it all out you might just Lay me on the side of the road don't ignore me tell me things that I want to know I'm a story taking walks all by myself im impatient tell me things that just won't help I can't waste this now
True Roots 04:18
Swing and sway I've come to know who I was left me in a room just to catch a buzz need that air like I need you here it finally seems way to clear sometimes I take the road that I never go home Clear as sky that flew inside your mind think that's where I'll stay for a little while I don't want to shake this I don't want replacements my face is so nameless I don't want to fake this you won't have to fake this my life will be painless I've grown deeper roots I've seen me without you I don't want to go we'll just go home


Debut EP "Seed" by Grovner


released February 1, 2017

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Dimas
Artwork by Fiona Duffy
JLWAD Records


all rights reserved



Grovner regina, Saskatchewan

Grovner is a four-piece alternative-rock band from Regina, SK.

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